Conference Friday 24th July

Ageing and Cognitive Decline: Longitudinal Perspectives 

Summary: How does cognitive function change as people age? How can we assess the cognitive health of a population? And how might cognitive function interact with the important financial decisions that people have to make in later life? These issues are best addressed by longitudinal surveys which assess how older people's health, well-being, social and financial circumstances change over time. There is a worldwide group of these surveys covering the majority of the world's older people. Scotland is about to join this group with HAGIS (Healthy AGing In Scotland). This conference will address the issues of cognitive change among older people and provide an introduction to HAGIS. The speakers each have an established reputation in this area and include Ian Deary, University of Edinburgh, Ken Langa, University of Michigan, Robert Wright, University of Strathclyde and David Bell, University of Stirling

Date & Time: Friday 24th July from 13:00-16:30.

Location: Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-26 George Street Edinburgh, Midlothian EH2 2PQ GB View Map.

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